Kevin Stangler

Titanic: The Musical

Kevin Stangler is a good-looking and graceful hoofer of an Irish lad, Jim Farrell.”

- Colin Douglas

Orville and Wilbur did it!

“There are some capable comic players in the show, including Evan Linder, Joey Romaine and Kevin Stangler, and there are some good laughs.”

- Chris Jones

The Nutcracker (2013)

“Stangler is heartbreaking as the brave and devoted brother who knows in his heart that he’s back on borrowed time.”

- Clint May

The Nutcracker (2012)

“So is Kevin Stangler, who has the tough assignment of playing a dead soldier come to life as a nutcracker, but who greatly and crucially invests in the reality of his mission, which is to help his sister and loving parents live.”

- Chris Jones

“Stangler is perhaps the most heartbreaking as the ersatz brother brought from beyond, and his brotherly love for his sister and the painful necessity of letting him go provide the critical emotional roots.”

  1. -Clint Mayx

“Kevin Stangler as Fritz shows us the bravery that made him a good soldier as well as the kindness that made him such a beloved brother and son. The two share an onstage chemistry that many siblings would envy.”

- Joy Campbell

Death and Harry Houdini

“Kevin Stangler plays Hilmar, Boy 2, and embodies the eerie and fantastical representation of Death while walking on stilts and wearing a gas mask. The character of Death in this piece is central, both to its title and to its message – death’s bonds are the one thing that Houdini can’t escape, that indeed none of us can escape.”

  1. -Scotty Zacher

“... scaring the audience with an eerie stilt-inspired symbolic scarer known as Death (Kevin Stangler).”

- Ron Levitt

“Covered in a gas mask, actor Kevin Stangler, draped from head to toe in black, is not recognizable. He’s on stilts and, Darth Vader-like comes out of a back curtain through a midst of fog.”

-  Michelle F. Solomon

Fiddler on the roof

“Kevin Stangler and Julianne Katz capture, too, the joy of one of my favorite songs in the score, “Now I Have Everything.”

-Mal Vincent

“Of the other supporting performers, Lauren Nedelman (Tzeitel), Julianne Katz (Hodel), Andrew Boza (Motel), and Kevin Stangler (Perchik) are especially praiseworthy.”

-Scott Cain

“Two other standouts in the cast in particular were Kevin Stangler as Perchik and Andrew Boza as Motel the tailor.”

- Jill Siekman

“Standouts include Kevin Stangler as Perchik, the student, ...”

-Linda Hodges

“This seasoned cast is consistent and tight throughout, with notable performances by Preece, Kevin Stangler (Perchik), and Nancy Evans as Golde.”

- Elizabeth Govaerts

Girls vs. boys

“Enough can’t be said for the wonderful cast. Kevin Stangler makes a charming delight out of his superficially misogynistic George.”

- Venus Zarris

“... the likes of Joel Gross and Kevin Stangler have their moments ...”

- Chris Jones


“The emotional content could (and should) be much more intense, but the core is there in strong performances from the likes of Wes Needham, Kevin Stangler, Sissom herself and, best of all, Whit Nelson.”

- Chris Jones

“... the ambitious Nate. Played by Kevin Stangler as headstrong and manic, Nate wears his frustration on his sleeve. He gets to show his leadership skills, though, after Anna and three of the other counselors start to feel the effects of the forbidden tablets of Ecstasy.”

- John Olson

“Kevin Stangler (Nate) is the rogue bending the rules to convert the world.”

- Katy Walsh

Tupperware: An American Musical fable

“The opening number is a mournful lament by Dolores on the loss of her husband, who later appears in her imagination (played by Kevin Stangler) to sing the lovely ballad "Apology." These are heartfelt scenes, played warmly by Inboden and Stangler”

“Kevin Stangler handles all the male roles with skill and delivers his songs in a soaring tenor and terrific stage presence.”

  1. -Gary Olson

“A duet between Inboden and her late husband (the clear-voiced Kevin Stangler) makes a strong impression.”

- Robert Bullen

Amelia Earhart jungle princesss

“And Calvin Schultz (Kevin Strangler), the team’s champion and Earhart’s love interest, plays like a louder version of Arrested Development’s George Michael.”

  1. -Steve Heisler

“Kevin Stangler is spot-on as the gee-whiz Iowa kid struggling with his feelings for the married Earhart”

  1. -Lisa Buscani

“the naïve and wholesome Iowa farm boy Calvin Schultz (given an endearing aw-shucks charm by Kevin Stangler)”

  1. -John Olson

“Kevin Stangler’s enthusiastic wide-eyed dolt, Calvin, is a charming hoot.”

- Venus Zarris